Notion Dad

Notion Dad

I'm Will, a Notion consultant and dad.

I share templates and help people with their Notion workspace and productivity. I built this site to help people get the the most out of Notion in both a personal and professional setting.

What is Notion?

Notion is your digital workspace where you can put anything and everything. Write, take notes, plan work, collaborate with your team, manage projects, plan podcasts... the list is endless.

Why Notion?

The key to Notion is its flexibility, simplicity and ability to scale. It’s a tool that’s there to serve you for what ever project you are working on. You design the process. You build the workflow. Notion builds around you to keep you productive and on track.

How can I help?

Custom Workspace

Save hours of trial and error and achieve a Notion workspace perfectly suited to your or your company's needs. Don't need an entire workspace? I can help you build single pages with the functionality you want.

Your brain is or having ideas. Notion is for holding them 💡


If you or your company have just started using Notion, I'm here to help. I'll teach you how to use Notion, from basic blocks to the most advanced database formulas.

Available Templates

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Have a question about Notion or need a custom workspace built?

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Notes & details
  • We're using the quote block to create the fixed navbar instead of an ID, so it should work out of the box, but that means you can't really use the Notion quote block anywhere else throughout this template. Thinking of better ways to go about this!
  • The navbar & footer are global Notion blocks, meaning if you edit the ones on the template home page, it'll carry the changes over to the rest of the site