You'll get:

Tickets page
A master database of all the work that's ever been raised
This week's tickets page
All the tickets that are scheduled to be worked on this week will show here
Tickets in testing page
A table of all the tickets currently being tested
Completed tickets page
Shows all the tickets that have ever been completed
Sprints page
View and plan all your work for the upcoming weeks
Backlog page
This is where tickets start. Tickets in here need to be added to a sprint and assigned
Epics page
View those large bodies or work along with a progress bar
Sprint carryover page
Didn't finish all your tickets? Carry them over to the next sprint
Knowledgebase page
Your internal wiki, linked to tickets
Team member's ticket page
Each member of your team gets their own page to view their tickets for the current sprint
Client tickets page
Let clients fill out the information and raise tickets directly in your Notion database