Loom, Tidycal and My First Client

Loom, Tidycal and My First Client

Oct 31, 2021
Client Work

I recently got my first client for my Notion work. For anyone who knows me, you know I've been in a loveless marriage with my day job for a long time so this is a huge step towards becoming a full-time Notion consultant and escaping the nine-to-five.

Below is a snapshot of a workspace I'm building for the client.

Loom snapshot
Loom snapshot

I use OBS a lot to make screen recordings but Loom is the best for sharing Notion workspace updates with clients.


Record → Add a description with a link to book the next meeting → Email video URL

The workspace I'm building for a client at the moment is built on top of just 6 databases that serve the entire company. One great thing with that is it's very easy to find data and to know where to create new pieces of data. An issue with that though is those databases can be accessed by anyone. If you have sensitive documents you don't want people seeing, you have to remember to adjust the sharing permissions in Notion for that document specifically. This could lead to some quite embarrassing moments... But it's still the best solution.

Another outstanding thing about building your wiki and workspace in Notion is that everything can be linked to everything else. All 6 databases are linked to each other in some way. Working on a task? Write the documentation as you go by linking a doc to the task item. Creating a new project? Link the milestones database and create some goals you want to hit.

This is why Notion is my favourite tool. It's so customisable and you can go really in-depth, but in the the end, it's all so you can simplify your workflow and create more time in your life for the things that count (like family, beer and virtual reality 🍻)

This blog post is also available on Substack: https://willhelliwell.substack.com/p/loom-tidycal-and-my-first-client

If you'd like to book a chat with me, click this link and pick a time.

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