Finishing up the Project

Finishing up the Project

Nov 28, 2021
Client Work

This was for a Notion workspace consult and build. I hope I can make all my clients this happy 😍

The project involved building out an entire Notion workspace for a team to join. It was for an NGO and required each team to track their tasks, goals and separate projects, as well as meeting notes and calendar events across the whole organisation.

We started with the client defining the workspace. I then built a quick front page of what I thought it should look like and had them sign off. Next I built some top-level databases. This worked well until we realised that so many new people would be joining and leaving teams that it would be difficult to manage access. So instead we created a separate task database for each team and even each project. This is not what I'd usually recommend with Notion but in this case I think it works really well.

If there was a small, stable team, I'd definitely recommend creating a select few, top-level databases and then making linked database views off of them. This was a bit of a different case though.

The project is now finished and the client is happy which makes me delighted. I've learned a lot in the process and hope I can take what I've learned into my future client projects.

If you have a Notion workspace you want built or any questions about Notion, you can send an email to or get in touch over on Twitter @notiondad 🙂

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