3 Steps to Create a Content Box in Notion

3 Steps to Create a Content Box in Notion

Part of Notion’s charm is its block structure and simplicity but sometimes that simplicity gets in the way of your content.

Your writing should be clear and easy to read.

Steps to Create the Box

Step 1: Callout Block

Start with a callout block. This can be before or after you’ve written your copy.


Step 2: Blank Emoji

The next step is to remove the emoji that comes attached to every callout block. There are 2 ways to achieve this.

One way is to upload a totally transparent square png image which effectively hides the area where the emoji was. This works even if your callout block has a background colour.

The other technique, and my preferred method, is to add an image from a URL. We’re not going to actually add an image though. Instead, we’re going to type a space as our URL and hit submit. You’ll notice it shows up as a white square. This means it’s only good for our plain content box.



Hint: you can use this same technique to hide the page symbol on Notion pages.

Step 3: Clear Background

Finally, we set the background colour of the callout block to default and we’re left with a clear, minimalist, content box.


These 3 steps can be applied to single blocks of writing or entire pages. Play around with it and have fun!


Let me know if you found this tutorial useful. Send an email to me@notiondad.com or follow me on Twitter @notiondad.

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